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Award-winning flash card game for little readers aged 3 - 6. 

  • Children learn to read and make their own sentences. 
  • 4 great games and over 1000 funny sentences. 
  • Take your child from single words to making sentences up to 14 words long. 
  • Children win animal picture cards to build a zoo. 
  • An award winning game that makes reading fun and motivates your child.  
  • Perfect reading games for kids at preschool, nursery or kindergarten

Product Description

KLOO Reader Cards let young readers make and read their own sentences about animals and build a zoo! Children start reading word cards just as they would with normal flash cards but then - by following a simple colour code - they put them in order to create their very own sentences. It opens up a whole new reading experience for your child - allowing them to play with words, arrange them and make their own sentences. Children are rewarded for reading and making sentences with animal cards to build a zoo! They can also win gifts for their zoo animals by making their sentences longer.

This is a fun hands-on game that parents and teachers alike can really enjoy playing with their children. As they play, children will learn important literacy skills and can gain the ability to create their own sentences. Parents value the essential reading skills that their children are learning for school and all their future education. Children, meanwhile, enjoy the challenge of making sentences and winning animals to build a zoo! KLOO Animal Reader Cards was designed by a multi-award winning games designer (winner of ToyTalk Best Board and Card Games 2011) and developed with teachers and Literacy Experts for use at home and at school.


Pack Contents

Each game contains

  • 74 word cards
  • 54 wonderful animal picture cards
  • Thousands of possible animal sentences 
  • Rules to 3 fabulous reading games: My KLOO Zoo, Animal Snap and Pairs!
  • Hours of parent and child reading fun

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