About Us

Awards for French Spanish and Italian Games

Here at KLOO we make language and reading games - the kind of games that making learning easy and fun. Currently we offer French, Spanish, Italian and English as a foreign language games. We plan to expand our range.

We have been in business since 2010 - and in that time our games have won a host of major awards including ToyTalk's Best Board and Card Games of the Year. We are based in the UK but distribute around the world. Our French Games have become the UK's No.1 Best Selling Language Game (source: Amazon UK)

Our games are made for everyone who wants to learn a language in a fast and enjoyable way. Take a look at our reviews. Our games work for kids but adults love them too. As for teachers? You'll see that they have become our biggest advocates! KLOO games work for beginners through to intermediate levels.

Our Games Designer

Our games designer and owner is Andrew Finan. He invented the original KLOO concept to help his own children when they were struggling with learning Italian. When he saw how passionate and absorbed they became in the game - and how quickly they learned - he decided to leave his job and build KLOO. 

KLOO is for all ages. The trick is for you to learn fast - but without it ever feeling like work or study - Just Fun!

We hope you have great experiences and learn lots with KLOO.


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