KLOO's 'Catch the Bug' Play & Read Flash Card Game for Kids - Help Your Child to Learn to Read Words and Make Sentences

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An amazingly fun way for children to learn to read and Catch the Reading Bug!

  • Children learn to read and make their own sentences. 
  • 4 great games and over 1000 funny sentences. 
  • Take your child from single words to making sentences up to 5 words long. 
  • Children win animal picture cards as a reward for good reading. 
  • An award winning game that makes reading fun and motivates your child. 
  • Perfect for kids at preschool, nursery or kindergarten

Product Description

Take your child beyond flashcards with these wonderful reading games. KLOO's special colour-coded cards help children to read and make their very first sentences - even before they can write. As they play, they can win wonderful animal picture cards which all link up to form a bigger picture to catch the elusive Reading Bug. It's motivational and fun and gets your child to the next stage in reading.

There are 4 reading games you can play with in this pack: 'Animal Pairs', 'Jungle Memory', 'Catch the Bug' and 'Jumble Jungle'. The games take the child through a gentle progression from single word games through to creative sentence making. It all spells out a lot of fun with many children making their first sentences with KLOO cards.

Catch the Bug was designed by a multi-award winning games designer working alongside literacy experts. The animal pictures are created by famous children's artist, Jon Lycett-Smith.The game is a Parents Choice Award Winner receiving high plaudits from parents and children. 


Pack Contents

In your pack you will find:

32 word cards,

8 jungle animal cards,

4 great games (rules included)

1 wonderful picture puzzle

1 elusive Reading Bug

All cards are extra large and reinforced for young children to play with.


Play the game and help your child catch the Reading Bug!

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