KLOO's Play & Speak English Bundle - 3 Read & Speak English Games - Fun, Fast & Easy

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Multi-Award Winning Games loved by parents, teachers & students. 

Students learn to make English sentences in seconds and build vocabulary as they play. This is a bundle of games to make every student happy - no matter their age. Catch the Bug for little ones. KLOO Zoo for bigger children. Race to London for every age from 6 -100. Ideal for teachers (and parents) looking to make English easy, exciting and fun


Catch the Bug

Take your child beyond flashcards with these wonderful reading games. KLOO's special colour-coded cards help children to read and make their first sentences - even before they can write. As they play, they can win wonderful animal picture cards which all link up to form a bigger picture to catch the elusive Reading Bug. It's motivational and fun and gets your child to the next stage in reading.


KLOO Reader Cards let young readers make and read their own sentences about animals and build a zoo! Children start reading word cards just as they would with normal flash cards but then - by following a simple colour code - they put them in order to create their very own sentences. It opens up a whole new reading experience for your child - allowing them to play with words, arrange them and make their own sentences. Children are rewarded for reading and making sentences with animal cards to build a zoo! 

Race to London

The perfect game for teachers of TEFL, TESOL and ESL

Race to London is a teaching resource designed to make learning English fast, easy and fun. It is ideal for classroom teaching, private tuition and for learning at home.

Players make sentences and learn English words to power their cars around the "Race to London" game board. Within a few games, players can learn hundreds of words and how to make tens of thousands of sentences. Race to London contains 4 decks based around the themes of “People”, “Eating and Drinking”, “Places” and “Everyday Objects”. 

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