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Students play KLOO and start speaking Spanish in seconds!

Race to Madrid is a great way for students to learn Spanish while playing a game. This School Value pack contains 20 decks, 20 racing cars, 5 game boards, hundreds of words, millions of sentences, and hours of language fun. It's ideal for students from 6 years old to adulthood, from absolute beginners to intermediate learners. 

Students can see progress. Confidence is boosted 

Learning a new language is a struggle for many. Some students worry about exam grades while others become frustrated and lose confidence. KLOO takes a different approach to language learning and gets different results. Thousands of teachers and language departments around the world have used KLOO to ramp up enthusiasm, build confidence and improve results.

Students learn quickly

From their very first turn, students start learning and speaking Spanish while teachers notice how engaged they are in the game. Within seconds they'll be forming sentences and learning words to score points. They can start as absolute beginners. However, within a single game, players and teachers are often surprised at how much language has been picked up in a natural way.

Students learn easily

The game uses KLOO's unique Colorsense™ cards so that students can easily make grammatically correct sentences as soon as they start playing.

Added to this, the game cleverly uses Discovery Learning so that they pick up new vocabulary as they play. Players often don't realize how fast they are learning until they play KLOO again. Words that previously they have struggled to remember, now stick like glue!

If they keep playing, they'll learn hundreds of Spanish words and be able to make many thousands of sentences.

No stress. Just play and have fun!

KLOO turns language into a game. It means no work, no study, no stress. It is one of the benefits of games, however, to bring higher levels of engagement and focus. All they have to do is play and have fun and they'll pick up the language quickly and easily.

How KLOO helps teachers get results

When students play KLOO, they soon get lost in an award-winning game, busily learning new words and making sentences to score points. From a student's perspective, this is simply great fun. From the viewpoint of teachers, this is often a breakthrough moment. They see their students learning faster, effortlessly making sentences and speaking out loud. Often they witness even their reluctant students engaged in a heightened way. For a teacher, KLOO makes learning a language easy: let them play and watch as their vocabulary expands; their ability to create sentences increases; and, their confidence in their language ability grows.

Why this version?

Race to Madrid School Value Pack contains 20 decks containing coloured word cards for making sentences, extra tenses and special phrases. There are enough decks to allow 40 students to play simultaneously.

International Awards

"This game is without a doubt the best Language learning game I've ever used as a Teacher of Languages - we've got a whole cupboard full of more expensive alternatives that fail to deliver what this game does in bundles; fun and learning at the same time." Angela Azzopardi, MFL Teacher, Amazon Vine Reviewer

In each Race to Madrid game:

Deck 1 Theme: Shopping & Clothing word cards

Deck 2 Theme: Shopping & Clothing phrases and extra verb tenses

Deck 3 Theme: Everyday Objects word cards

Deck 4 Theme: Everyday Objects phrases and extra verb tenses


- Enough decks to have a class of 40 + playing simultaneously

- 20 Spanish decks, 1200 cards and Quick Guide Rules

- Play up to 5 Great Card Games

- Use during class time, language club or even set as homework 

- Score points by learning words and making sentences

- Players race their cars through famous cities of Spain in a race to the capital.

You score points by making sentences. Watch this video to see how easy it is to make Spanish sentences with KLOO.


You also score points by learning words. Watch this video to see how you pick up Spanish words.

KLOO Support materials
KLOO provides lots of support to language learners, absolutely free. Check out how you can download Spanish card extensions for free or watch how-to-play videos.

Customer Guarantees

 Customer Guarantee for KLOO Games

International Awards

KLOO was designed by games experts, tested by teachers, manufactured in the UK and launched in the autumn of 2010. In 2011 KLOO became an instant classic when it won the "Best Classic Toy" at the Dr Toy Awards in the USA. In the UK KLOO won ToyTalk's "Best Board and Card Game of the Year".

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