KLOO's Play & Learn Italian Card Games - The Full Bundle - 4 Double Deck Packs - 8 Decks and 4 Themes

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Multi-Award Winning Language Games. 

Students learn to make Italian sentences in seconds, build vocabulary and have fun. Contains 8 x decks, hundreds of words and millions of sentences. Ideal for teachers seeking to bring enthusiasm and fast learning into the classroom.

  • Enough decks to have a class of 32 playing simultaneously
  • Award Winning game that makes learning Italian fast, easy and fun
  • 8 Italian decks, 512 cards and Quick Guide Rules
  • Play up to 8 Great Card Games
  • Score points by learning words and making thousands of sentences
  • Make sentences in seconds with KLOO's colour coded cards
  • Easily learn words as you play through Discovery Learning

"This game is without a doubt the best Language learning game I've ever used as a Teacher of Languages - we've got a whole cupboard full of more expensive alternatives that fail to deliver what this game does in bundles; fun and learning at the same time." Angela Azzopardi, MFL Teacher, Amazon Vine Reviewer

Product Description

This offer is ideal for schools on a budget. Contained in the School Mini Pack are 8 decks in total. With 4 players round each deck, a class of 32 can play KLOO simultaneously.

Multi-award winning KLOO has turned learning a language into a game. Players make sentences and learn words in Italian to score points. The longer the sentence and the more words you learn, the faster you score. In this way, KLOO makes learning a language fast, easy and a lot more fun. But there is no need to be a language expert in order to play - you can start playing KLOO as an absolute beginner - just be ready for how fast you pick up the language! Within a few games, players effortlessly learn hundreds of words and how to make tens of thousands of sentences. This pack contains four decks of KLOO cards (Decks 1, 2, 3 & 4). Each deck contains useful Italian words for making sentences around the themes of "People", "Eating & Drinking", "Places" and "Everyday Objects". As players learn all the words in one deck, they move onto the next, building their vocabulary as they go. Within just a few games, players learn how to make thousands of sentences quickly and easily.  

International Awards

KLOO was designed by games experts, tested by teachers, manufactured in the UK and launched in the autumn of 2010. In 2011 KLOO became an instant classic when it won the "Best Classic Toy" at the Dr Toy Awards in the USA. In the UK KLOO won ToyTalk's "Best Board and Card Game of the Year". In 2014 KLOO won the prestigious Academics Award Award as an outstanding educational tool.


Pack Contents

The pack comes complete with:

Quick Start Rules

4 decks, each containing different Italian words

Deck 1: People & Small Talk

Deck 2: Verbs cards in 3 Tenses, Phrase cards

Deck 3: Food & Drink

Deck 4: Verbs cards in 3 Tenses, Phrase cards

Deck 5: Places & Travel

Deck 6: Verbs cards in 3 Tenses, Phrase cards

Deck 7: Everyday Objects

Ddck 8: Verbs cards in 3 Tenses, Phrase cards

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